Program / Vanda Sárai /H/: East Art Mag

30. 5. / BA»W 16:38

30. 5. / W»BA 18:16

EAST ART MAGS (EAM) is aiming to become a platform of content making about the current proceedings of the contemporary art scenes in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. EAM’s first project was an art critic residency and content sharing program throughout 2017 with the partnership of Artalk, Artportal, Revista Arta Online and SZUM. The main goal is to produce and publish articles on a bilateral basis and also in English, providing information about each other to each other and also to the readers worldwide who are interested in this region’s contemporary art scene. Besides, EAM is about making connections, exchanging ideas, forming a network, which can be the foundation of further collaborations between the participating magazines and individual authors.