Program / Blanch / concert

19. 9. / BA»W 13:38

19. 9. / W»BA 15:16

Blanch / SK

in collaboration with In Between Books Sessions

Blanch is an indie folk band from Čadca, with four members. Singer, composer and guitarist Bianca is the “front woman” of the band. She started to play with the band in September 2017. She is already compared to the famous singer Daughter. The Band is preparing a new album called “Delusion”. Within TRAM project they will perform with two guitars and vocal.  

In Between Books Sessions is project inspired by world know formats as NPR Tiny Desk Concert or KEXP. It is based on short music performances, with professionally captured audio and video. Aim of the project is to provide for emerging musicians high quality promo and booking video, promote local music and bring international for the local public.

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