Program / Doris Steinbichler / performance

15. 8. / BA»W 13:38

15. 8. / W»BA 15:16

Doris Steinbichler

BA >> W 13:38

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/last car of the train

Doris Steinbichler (Vienna,1965), is an improviser, performance artist and curator traveling between Austria and Mexico. Her art cuts across genres and locates itself between performance art, visual art and noise, electronic and free improvised music. As her main tools she uses analoge projectors, her voice, sound devices and visual tools to make unconscious contradictions within ourselves visible. This artistic strategy is an ongoing investigation in experimental psychology and shamanism as an answer to mental health issues in urban life at the beginning to the 21st century.

1993 she was awarded a price in Performance Art (Ex Teresa Performance Festival, Mexico City, Mexico) and 2000 in Radio Art (Bienal de Radio, Mexico City, Mexico). She contributed to the mexican independent art scene with her own artist run space “Epicentro” which hosted more than 100 shows, performances, installation, multimedia and dance events in the years 1999 to 2004. She was the founder and co-organizer of the independent, week long radio festival “Re-mediar“ (Mexico City, Mexico, 2002), and founded the expanded cinema and analogue projection collective „La Trinchera Ensamble“ (Mexico, 2004), and „4 shrooms“ (Austria, 2007). She has frequent participations in Performance Art Festivals in Europe and overseas.