Program / Fero Király a Zuzana Žabková: Coming back from where I go

23. 5. / W»BA 18:16

23. 5. / BA»W 16:38

Zuzana Žabková born in Slovakia and based between Frankfurt and Prague, is an artist, dancer and choreographer working in the frame of performance, video and installation. She likes thinking in permacultural ways and questioning failing utopias. She works alone and together and apart from her solo projects she likes projects that reconsider ways of valuing labour and care. In this way she has worked with Apart collective, Bjornsonova, Catalina Insignares, Fero Király, René Alejandro Huari Mateus, Laura Eva Meuris, Lucie Mičíková, Tanja Sljivar, Nik Timková or Else Tunemyr. Zuzana holds a M.A. in Visual Art Academy and B.A. in Performing Arts and Dance Academy in Bratislava in Slovakia. Currently she is following a M.A. program Choreography and performance in Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, Germany. She is a recipient of a 2016 artist-in-residence in Triangle Arts Association, New York, and a 2016 danceWEB scholar at ImPulsTanz in Vienna under the mentorship of Tino Sehgal. In 2015 she was a recipient of a Salzburg Academy scholarship, ERSTE Stiftung, Austria, an artist in residence in Meetfactory Prague, Czech Republic. In 2014 an artist in residence in Regular Line Santa Cruz, California, U.S., 2013 an artist in residence in AQB, Budapest, Hungary, 2012 an artist in residence in Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany. She is the 2013 winner for the Essl Art Award for Slovakia within the VIG special invitation award and winner of the Oscar Cepan Award 2017 (YVAA).

Fero Kiraly (

graduated from the Music Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava where he studied piano. He is interested in musical projects overlapping performance, sound art, installation, interpretations of contemporary music and musical reinterpretation of visual art. He is also involved in educational projects where he experiments and often tests his own limits by creating own software and collaborating with other artists from different disciplines. He created a series of workshops for children called Soundring in which he uses self-made music instrument Zvukodrom. He is the author of interactive book for music teachers PIANORA that consists of musical and sound games and experimental music.As a chamber player he is a member of various international ensembles (Cluster Ensemble, VENI ensemble, Kiraly & Zabkova, Namestie Republiky, Dirt Ensemble, Urban Hudak and others).

in collaboration with Nástupište 1-12