Program / Festival Fjúžn

25. 4. / BA»W 16:38

25. 4. / W»BA 18:16

25. 4. / BA»W 10:38

25. 4. / W»BA 12:16

25. 4. / BA»W 13:38

25. 4. / W»BA 15:16

Learn about stories of “live books” – people, who will tell you about their life and diverse experiences during your journey from Bratislava to Vienna and back. Organized as part of [fjúžn] festival by Nadácia Milana Šimečku and Eduma.

Program 25.April in TRAM

train 16.38 from Bratislava (Hl.Stanica) and 18.16 from Vienna (Hauptbahnhof):

Passengers will have the opportunity to meet and learn the stories of “live books” directly on the train.

Durring the whole day:

Video projection in “Chat Point”, “live Books” stories

from 18. April

Instalation of “life Books” stories in second wagon

The event is organised as part of [fjúžn], a multigenre and multicultural festival. Its 13th year will take place in Bratislava on 23rd – 27th April and leading theme of this year will be the trust. Festival program is centered around various aspects related to trust and its reflection in the relations towards diversity in Slovakia. Festival is organized by Nadácia Milana Šimečku in order to connect people of various cultures, to raise awareness about new minorities in Slovakia, to promote life of foreigners and to soften public opinions on migration and multiculturalism.