Program / Grand opening: Vienna + Bratislava

19. 2. / W»BA

21. 2. / BA»W

The Austrian and Slovak presidents opened the gallery of contemporary art in the TRAM art train.

Slovak president Andrej Kiska together with Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen signed the TRAM art train, which shall connect Bratislava and Vienna 11 times a day and bring unconventional art experience to passengers.

We are glad, that the two presidents of our countries were the first visitors to the TRAM art train. It is a nice symbol of our mutual relations. Both presidents have seen exhibition FlipBooks on Tour by curator Gottfried Gusenbauer, installations and performances of artists, who will be our collaborators throughout year. They´ve seen also installation of manipulated bicycles by the hunter and gatherer Otis Laubert, performance “Keď” (When) by Ilona Németh inspired by statements of the Austrian pastor Martin Niemöllera. The presidents met also with the star of the Grand Opening, performance directed by social architect Kateřina Šedá, who for the TRAM project prepared an international street musicians´ festival. Festival first performer was blind Roma accordionist Mário Bihári. At the opening, a special guide made by Daniela Černá for children and all adult passengers with young souls was introduced. Zuzana Husárová with Ľubo Panák invited by Zuzana Godálová and Nástupište 1-12 prepared interactive sound performance,” (Juraj Čarný, curator)