Program / Nanxi Liu a Rokko Juhász

21. 3. / BA»W 16:38

Nanxi and Rokko starts their collaboration since 2015. They have performed together in India, China, Philippines, Slovakia, Hungary and also co-facilitated performance art workshops focusing on performance in public space. Their performance were based on confrontation between private experiences and social issues, and researching on political body in social context.

Rokko Juhász (1963), Visual artists, Organizer. Director of Kassák Centre for Intermedia Creativity (2000–) and curator of Transart Communication festival (1988–). docs/transart_communication. He involved in visual art performance scene since 1986. His main activities are public space performances, performance interventions and performance projects. From 2009 he runs performance art workshops and university courses worldwide. Juhász lives and works in Budapest.

Nanxi Liu (1989) performance researcher, artist and organizer, based in China and Hong Kong. Liu was a project officer of Centre for Community Cultural Development (2013 – 2015) in Hong Kong, during which she has been coordinating performance art festivals, workshops and events in Hong Kong and China. Recently she was awarded as one of three Grantees of The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Greater China Research Grant 2016 working with Asia Art Archive, for a research project on earliest stage of performance art festivals and events in 90s China. She also works as a researcher and writer on performance and socially engaged art in Hong Kong. She contributes to Art World magazine in China.