Program / Juraj Čarný & Dano Dida & Martina Ivičič: TRAM

28. 2. / BA»W 15:38

28. 2. / W»BA 17:16

Gallery and cultural center in the TRAM train was prepared in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy, Österreichisches Kulturforum Bratislava, ÖBB Railjet and ZSSK Slovakrail. What is waiting for you till November, 2018? What programs did we prepare for you in the train and on the line between Vienna and Bratislava? What is the concept of our programs and who are the interesting artists you may meet? What surprises will you find? What´s behind the project, unrealized plans and secret concepts will be presented by the project curator Juraj Čarný and project coordinators Dano Dida and Martina Ivičič.