Program / Kateřina Šedá: Buskers Music Festival / Crazy Acordion Trio

17. 10. / BA»W 13:38

17. 10. / W»BA 15:16

In collaboration with Czech artist and social architect Kateřina Šedá for the TRAM culture centre we have prepared Buskers Music Festival.

The trio is composed of Martin Wilk (23 y/o), Peter Wilk (21 y/o) Paul Murzyn (21 y/o), who study at The Żeleński State Secondary Music School in Cracow in Maciej Gladys’ accordion class.

The trio was created as a results intense passion for music and desire to popularize the accordion and do away with stereotype as a folk music instrument. The trio’s repertoire is very varied, and includes both classical contemporary, and film music, arrangaments of the Motion Trio, composers such as Yann Tiersen, Frederic Chopin, and popular music artists such as Avicii, Adele and many others. Also own compositions.

Music is the best means to move people’s hearts and through our music, we want to arouse the interest of the audience and make them feel the sound in which we put our heart and soul. Playing together, we create our own musical world, and the music itself makes us understand each other without words.

The accordion is instrument with a very beautiful and magical sound, but it can also be used like, for instance, a percussion instrument. But the most important thing is that thanks to it, we can make our dreams come true. When we play, its sound makes us shere with each other our musical emotions, which emphasizes its magnificence, and its value, which is priceless for us. It is a legal addiction, without which we could not live, and for that three of us, it is our plan for the future

Kateřina Šedá is probably the most respected Czech artist in the world today. She is active in social design and social architecture, and her projects are often shocking due to their inventive and non-traditional nature, and honesty. She combines paradoxically un-combinable things, creating understanding between people who normally “stand on different sides of the fence”

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