Program / Kateřina Šedá: Buskers Music Festival / Martin Binder

7. 11. / BA»W 13:38

7. 11. / W»BA 15:16

In cooperation with Kateřina Šedá, social architect from Czech republic we art introducing Buskers Music Festival.

Armed with a guitar and a deep voice often likened to that of Johnny Cash, Martin follows in the footsteps of the western singer-songwriters, his style drawing from alternative country/folk and americana. Sometimes soft and melodic, sometimes loud and broken, he sings his songs of love and loss, struggles of finding inner peace as well as finding a place in this world.

Kateřina Šedá is probably the most respected Czech artist in the world today. She is active in social design and social architecture, and her projects are often shocking due to their inventive and non-traditional nature, and honesty. She combines paradoxically un-combinable things, creating understanding between people who normally “stand on different sides of the fence”.

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