Program / Exhibition / Connections

16. 5. - 17. 1.

International exhibition, curated by Curatorial Studies Institiute.


artists :

Dano Dida, Alena Foustková, Oto Hudec, Deana Kolenčíková, Daniela Krajčová, Kundy Crew, Otis Laubert, Stano Masár,, David Reitšpís, Magda Stanová, Ivana Šáteková, Tomáš Vaněk


kurátor / curator : Juraj Čarný

produkcia / production: Dano Dida

produkcia vernisáže / opening + party production: Martina Ivičič

grafický dizajn / graphic design: Stano Masár

PR: Mirka Ábelová


Exhibition will take a place at the train operating regulary between Vienna and Bratislava. Train time table please find here: You can use regular ÖBB/ZSSK train tickets for your ride.


TRAM Garden Party will take a place in the park at the train station Devinska Nova Ves.

more about artworks

When entering the train, you will see pictures of ring bells from residential houses around Vienna and Bratislava. In her works, Alena Foustková deals with the issues of foreigners and refugees, and in her current project she works with an idea, whom you would wish/refuse to be your neighbour.

Tomáš Vaněk placed multiple (sprayed) security cameras into the train, which shall ensure the safety of passengers and also of the exhibition. He “integrated” also couple of sockets in the train spaces.

Otis Laubert decided to make your journey even more enjoyable by offering an original menu in a fictitious dining car. At the openings, the TRAM train will have also sleeping car for few times through year.

Stano Masár shows his series of golden pictograms. In the train, you will find 10 most expensive artworks in the history, for example by Paul Gaugin, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Paule Cézanne or Gustav Klimt. On the seats, there can be found his poetic reservation system for time travellers, mythical heroes, dreams and ideas. He prepared train tickets in the reservation folders, by which he invites you for a poetic walk from Vienna or Bratislava via station Poetry to station Clouds, via Silence to Dreams, via Meditation to Happiness, but also via Hoax to terminal station Totality.

In the reservation folders, you can find also stickers by the Kundy Crew ,an activists’ group. Their motif is based on an embroidery with text “I am not racist butt”. Feel free to take both train ticket and a sticker as souvenirs.

Argentinian-German group, exhibits a series of yellow pictograms, which deliberately reflect on the issues of immigration and refugee crisis. One of the yellow pictograms was prepared also as a postcard, which you can take home.

Social architect, Daniela Krajčová, focuses on the caregivers, regularly travelling to their place of jobs in Austria. Text excerpts of the dialogues are connected with fictitious portrayals and drawings of significant Viennese landmarks combined with objects, which the caregivers use in their remarkable job every day.

Oto Hudec invited a group of children from notorious borough Luník IX in the city of Košice for an impressive 3-day trip to Vienna, which shall provide an outcome, a guide prepared by Roma children themselves.

Ivana Šáteková placed a stamp into the train. When you find it, you can create an original of her design critically commenting on Slovak folklore.

Within his participative installation, Dano Dida allows you to play with history of central European region – you can divide and reunite Austria-Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

Magda Stanová commented on her own unusual experiences as a traveller in her drawings on the train tables. You can join her on the journey to Venetia, Zurich, Lugano, to Devín, and also New York.

Deana Kolenčíková introduces her project, which was originally admitted for the Train Cover Project,
the redesigning project for the TRAM art train. Even though, in the finals Marta Kopyt, the Polish author,
was the winner, Deana came just after her. Today, she exhibits the installation of a German-Slovak dictionary, which can be found on numerous spots in the train.

David Reitšpís created a series of pictograms for stops of the original historical Viennese tram, which has been connecting Vienna and Bratislava from 1914 a which inspired creation of the TRAM project.