Program / Nicole Six / Paul Petritsch

25. 9. - 17. 1.

Haus der Geschichte Österreich & TRAM

would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition

Lost and found

Nicole Six / Paul Petritsch

curators: Monika Sommer, Juraj Čarný

opening: September 25, 10-12 am

Wien Westbahnhof

Have you ever had something, an object, which meant so much to you that you could never give it away? Was it so important to you that it should be hidden in a vault, or included in the collections of your own museum? Were you unlucky enough to lose it, leave it behind somewhere, or was it stolen from you? If yes, you have come to the right place. If not, you have come to the right place as well. Welcome to the Lost and Found – exhibition, realized by Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch for the art train TRAM. The artists known for their sensitive approach to their surroundings, working in the fields of site-specific and context-sensitive installations.

In Vienna, a new museum Haus der Geschichte Österreich will open in November. It is a place where some significant objects from our past can be found. If you do not happen to find them, you will still have a chance in the lost and found department. Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch exhibit objects, which were lost and found on trains and at stations, and put them into an unobtrusive “confrontation” with objects from the museum collections. On one hand, there is an object, which somebody lost and may never find the meaning of his life, on the other hand, there is an object which is protected by law and locked up in the depositories at the museum in Vienna Hofburg. An object, which lost its owner and its story vs. a museum item with a documented history. Erased memory vs. a memorial of age, region and human life. So, what have you left behind on the train today?

Juraj Čarný