Program / Souvenir on the track

4. 7. / BA»W 16:38

4. 7. / W»BA 18:16

Souvenir on the track

music by : Ľubomír Panák

Mária Čorejová read text by Zuzana Husárová

The experimental music of Ľubomír Panák with the poetry of Zuzana Husárová, which is read by artist Mária Čorejová, is connected in the train version of the intermediate project “Souvenir” (author’s project Nástupiště 1 – 12). With the rhythm of the track and the pulse of the sound constructions alternated by the words about the Slovak cities, the collective body, the rugs, the dust-mongers, the sweaters, the systems of attention and the cortisol.