Program / TRAM finissage

16. 1. / BA»W 15:38

16. 1. / W»BA 17:16

Since February 2018 TRAM connected the art scenes of Vienna and Bratislava. TRAM gallery presented 4 different art exhibitions of contemporary art. TRAM Cultural Centre presented 39 discussions, performances and concerts.

TRAM team invites you to join us on our last art journey.

Date: 16.01.2019

1. departure from Bratislava to Vienna, 15:38

The finissage takes place at 16:30, Wien Hauptbahnhof, Platform 4.

2. departure from Vienna to Bratislava, 17:16

Following artists will be performing/exhibiting:

Während der Finissage werden folgende Künstler vorgestellt:

Nicole Six / Paul Petritsch: Lost & Found

Ilona Németh: When …

David Možný: Heat Wave

Otis Laubert: Sleeping Car

Magdalena Hubauer, Lukas Weithas a Anna Zühlke: Wagon Wide Web

Kateřina Šedá: Buskers Music Festival (performing groups: Pajtáš a Urband)

Marta Kopyt: Train Cover Project

and more…

Entry for the finissage is free. If you want to take part on the train ride, you have to buy a regular train ticket. We are offering free train tickets to the first 10 people, applying on the email: