Program / Viennese jazz waggon

12. 9. / W»BA 9:16

On September 12th, 2018 at 9:16 the Viennese jazz waggon is going from Vienna to Bratislava. Alongside traditional Viennese folk songs called “Wienerlieder” from the band “Die Strottern” a Viennese breakfast will be served.

The “Wienerlieder” originated in a melting pot of various nations. That is why it is so rich in different musical influences like folk music, music theatre, French waltz and music of the Balkan. The music of the “Strottern” is not only influenced by the Viennese tradition but also by contemporary music styles like jazz, pop and world music. As far as music and content are concerned they revamp the “Wienerlied” so thoroughly that a local song tradition is becoming a music style that is understood internationally. Numerous prices awarded to the passionate musicians are a testimony to that.