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TRAIN GUIDE or the Art of Travelling

To hop on a train, close your eyes and ride off to somewhere far and unknown…

That´s a dream of many travelers and common motif of many artworks – novels, films or paintings… The train guide – a puzzle, you can take for free in the train, is intended for every passenger, especially (but not only) for children. It offers you to experience your everyday journey from a new perspective: through art like paintings, films, novels and also through your own imagination. Even the train window can be a huge screen, something is always happening there! Every one of us has plenty memories from train journeys, which one can turn into a novel, blog or a video. The guide offers you a few inspirations from history, and also present, and invites you to become an artist for a moment. Because imagination can be found in every one of us. Please, accept this offer to make your and other passengers´ day even more joyful. What associations do you have with travelling?

This guide is complete with poster by Marta Kopyt, who designed the train, you are sitting in.


download kids guide (SK) download kids guide (DE)