About project / Exhibition: Connections

The Connections exhibition is about connecting. Connecting passengers travelling in the train filled with art, also connecting the places, countries and other people. Step by step, we´ve been redesigning the train into a gallery. We invited visual artists to create art works, which should break your everyday routine and banality of travelling. We would like to talk with you about travelling, the jobs, you commute to, migration, the topics, which used to connect us in the past, and also about our common future. Feel free to become part of the intellectual game, we invite you to think critically and share your perspectives on who we are and where we are heading.


autori / artists / künstler:

Dano Dida, Alena Foustková, Oto Hudec, Deana Kolenčíková, Daniela Krajčová, Kundy Crew, Otis Laubert, Stano Masár, migrantas.org, David Reitšpís, Magda Stanová, Ivana Šáteková, Tomáš Vaněk


kurátor / curator : Juraj Čarný

produkcia / production: Dano Dida

produkcia vernisáže / opening + party production: Martina Ivičič

grafický dizajn / graphic design: Stano Masár

PR: Mirka Ábelová


exhibition will last until: November 2018