About project / Exhibition: Flip Books on Tour!

The passengers of the train route Vienna / Bratislava will be offered a special art experience. 12 artists from Austria, Slovakia and other countries have taken up the flip book. These small-format books show small sequences of pictures of traveling, arriving and driving on. Pictorial stories that come to life with a quick thumb. It has its special attraction, during the train ride to operate the flip book, speed and rhythm of the individual sequences are to determine themselves. The small films stimulate the imagination and seduce the viewers and viewers to continue their “own head cinema”.

Umelci / Künstler / Artists : Martin Bruner aka „Sombreo“, Bettina Egger (A) , Wolfgang Matzl (A) , Edith Stauber (A), Herbert Stöger (A) + Alina Staicu (RO), Eggy und Jacky A), Daniela Krajcova (SK), Thomas Kriebaum und Sohn (A), Sibylle Vogel (A), Igor Przybylski (PL), Lote Vilma Vītiņa (LV),

Kurátor / Kurator /Curator/ : Gottfried Gusenbauer (A)