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Nástupište 1-12 (Platform 1-12) is a multimedia space for contemporary culture based in the underpass beneath the bus station in Topoľčany. In this space, the authors attempt to recycle the public space in a unique way and perform most of their activities (creation and presentation of contemporary art and its specific forms in various interdisciplinary connections). Their goal is to break everyday boredom of the by-passers with the interdisciplinary form of art, when even the authors abandon their comfort zones of galleries or theatre halls and present their works directly in the crowd of strangers passing through the station. It is this breaking out of everyday routine, the authors intend within the TRAM project by taking the passengers on the line between Bratislava and Vienna on a new experience of train journey. This will take place every Wednesday starting from 23rd May till 27th June, 2018. Art director and curator: Zuzana Novotová Godálová. Participants: Tomáš Danielis, Jakub Pišek, Mária Čorejová, Zuzana Husárová, Petra Fornayová, Zuzana Žabková, Fero Király and others.