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Marta Kopyt, born 1983 in Warsaw, a University of Warsaw (Faculty of Mathematics), as well as Academy of Fine Arts honors graduate (specializing in New Media and Illustration). Owner and managing director of Potwory Ski Club www.potwory.com, as well as of an artificial horse in her backyard.

Happening creator (see this 2011 one to get an idea what’s in her head: https://youtu.be/ryyUDs61fZY), illustrator, think-upper, mathematician.

Book author:

“Punkt wyjścia“ [Starting Point], Wytwórnia publishing house, 2017. [PinWheel competition honorable mention in Shanghai]

“Illustrated guide through Warsaw’s bazaars“

Known for her mathematics projects:

mathematics column author in Kosmos magazine;

“PoRachunki Warszawskie“ [Settling a score in Warsaw: Warsaw-based math riddles and tasks;

“Not too complicated math tasks“: the absurd and impossible math problems.

“I hate math“: a game for adults who are not too enthusiastic about numbers.

Artistic youth leader: camps, theatre and fashion shows, other artistic projects.

Mother of two extraordinary boys.